confessions of a food blog addict

Roasted cauliflower soup

i love food blogs. 

i've never been able to get into the cooking competition tv shows, but i can browse food blogs for hours.  it's probably the photographer in me - i just love looking at all the prep pictures, each stage impeccably styled of course, that lead to the final delicious masterpiece.  (i've always assumed that food bloggers and their families must be very used to eating cold meals - i know how long it takes to make those images look just so...) 

anywho, in addition to my obsession with food blogs, i also love to cook.  i'm not the creative type who can think up delectable concoctions on their own, but i can take a recipe and tweak it into something even more delicious than the original.  i browse my favorite food blogs, come up with a million things i'd like to make, bookmark the pages and then promptly forget what i chose to make when i move onto the next blog with its scrumptious offerings.  on the rare occasion that i actually remember a specific recipe all the way through to the cooking stage, i frequently can't remember where i found it the next time i want to make it.  so, i've decided to make an effort to occasionally document and share these culinary "adventures" here in the hopes that i will remember those recipes that were truly noteworthy. 

first up is a irish cheddar and roasted cauliflower soup that i made in a cooking class at culinaerie with my friend sarah and recently tried to reproduce.  i only had the recipe in hard copy from the class (and of course, i've now managed to misplace it), but a similar recipe is found here.   this soup is simple, amazingly yummy (especially since i am generally anti-cauliflower) and the perfect antidote to chilly winter weather.  enjoy!

chopped cauliflower, grated irish cheddar for cheddar cauliflower soup.
Roasted cauliflower
Roasted Cauliflower Cheddar Soup

here are just a few of my favorite food blogs, in case anyone needs assistance with procrastination: