vendor spotlight: sugar daddy's bakery

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for the inaugural vendor spotlight, meet fadi jaber of the new sugar daddy's bakery that recently opened in adam's morgan!  sugar daddy's is an absolutely adorable little bakery stuffed to the gills with delectable baked goods, delicious espresso drinks, and plenty of cozy seating that will make you want to sit and stay awhile.  in addition to the beautiful storefront, sugar daddy's also does custom orders for parties, weddings and other events!

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how did you get started with baking?

I baked as a kid cuz I had such a sweet tooth but my mom didn't ever bake us desserts like all the other mommy's of my classmates in school.  That made me jealous and compelled me to learn to bake at an early age. I started off with just ready made grocery bought cake mixes.  Then as an adult, one of my best friends bought me a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas which encouraged me to try various recipes and start baking from scratch. i would take whatever I baked that weekend to work the next day and share with my colleagues. People loved my baked goods and start pushing me to open a bakery myself so I did, but not until after having attended culinary school in New York and learned to bake on a more profession level. 

what's special about what sugar daddy offers? 

Sugar Daddy's is a sensorial experience you will never forget, from the moment you step foot into our stores to the second you bite into one of our sinfully rich desserts.  Upon entering, our signature raspberry red, pistachio and cream color scheme gives the feeling of stepping into a bowl of vanilla frosting.  The aroma of freshly-baked desserts crowding the plush marble counter tops, shabby-chic style furniture, and vintage dessert prints cluttering the walls create for an inviting atmosphere that not only encourage the palate, but make you feel right at home.  Our desserts are decorated in that rudimentary fashion that only moms are known for and are thus approachable yet enticing. Even more, our desserts are made with the best ingredients - dark chocolate of the highest quality, local produce – and we bake them fresh every day. It is no surprise that the actual taste of our moist and decadent desserts will make you come back for more.  In no time, you'll be an addict, not only to our products but the brand as a whole. 

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What is your style and approach to custom cake orders (i.e., weddings or custom events)?

I like to keep things simple and natural.  I would never spend hours making gum paste flowers that are inedible but would rather use fresh flowers if the client wants a floral aspect to their cake.  My style is light and whimsical, understated yet elegant.  If your wedding has that rustic feel to it, and you value taste over just a pretty face then we are definitely on the same page. 

How far in advance should custom orders be placed?

For simple cakes I would say a day or two in advance. For weddings or other big events, I would say a few weeks in advance.  

What is/are your bakery's specialties/can't miss items?

You have to try our Sticky Toffee Date (my first recipe creation ever), as well as our carrot cake with cream cheese icing, our Hummingbird cake or cupcake, banoffee pie as well as our strawberries n cream cupcake and nutella cookies. Those are probably the biggest hits at the moment. 

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espresso "sugar daddy's bakery" washington dc photographer
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