a-wandering wednesday: bangkok, thailand


to help you over hump day this week, we're headed to bangkok, thailand for this a-wandering wednesday!  i'll be honest, bangkok was not my favorite stop on this trip - i think because it did not really feel too different from any other asian mega-tropolis i've visited. 

that being said, there is so much to do and see in this city, and we really only barely scratched the surface.  we wandered on foot, got ridiculously lost (i maintain that the map was at fault and not my navigation skills) and tried a variety of the incredible street foods this city has to offer.

we took a long-tail boat tour of bangkok's canals, ending up at wat pho, home of the giant golden reclining buddha.  i cannot believe how massive this buddha is (15 m high and 43 m long!).  wat pho also houses one of thailand's original massage schools.

after wat pho, we made a brief stop at the grand palace.  it had gotten unbelieveably hot by then and the palace was packed with tourists, so we petered out pretty quickly and headed back to the hotel to cool off before boarding our overnight train to chiang mai.

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